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Estate plans, beneficiaries and uncertainty

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For those creating an estate plan, there are often many different sources of stress and uncertainty. Whether a loved one has special needs or someone cannot decide which type of estate plan makes the most sense, our law firm realizes the pressures that many people face during this process. However, decisions related to distributing assets among beneficiaries are often especially difficult and it is crucial to approach this issue with care. 

Eliminating confusion and having confidence in one’s decisions is very helpful. There are a number of ways in which people can ensure that their assets are distributed appropriately. 

Reviewing your loved ones’ circumstances 

When deciding how to divide assets, it is important to consider your loved ones’ needs and circumstances. Sometimes, it is sensible to pass down certain assets to a particular beneficiary. Moreover, some parents decide to leave one child with more than his or her siblings for different reasons. In some instances, people decide to remove a beneficiary altogether or appoint someone to oversee the distribution of assets to make sure that they are not misused (such as beneficiaries struggling with drug addiction).

Communication and thinking ahead 

In certain families, it is very helpful for people to discuss their estate plan with loved ones. Often, this reduces the likelihood of a bitter dispute and provides clarity. However, some beneficiaries are unhappy with their loved one’s decisions and it is necessary to move forward regardless. When it comes to naming beneficiaries and dividing assets, everyone is in a unique position. Our website covers a variety of topics related to the estate planning process.


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