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How do you pick the right executor for your estate?

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Washington residents like you who want an estate plan must start by picking an executor. This person will oversee your estate after you pass on. Because of this, they are one of the most important parts of your estate plan. 

Today we will look at some key points to examine when picking an executor. After all, not just everyone can take on the job. 

Key traits of a good executor 

Huffpost looks at ways to select a good estate executor. First are personal preference factors. Each person has their own needs and desires. This will affect what they look for in an executor. You will want your executor to be someone who shares similar core values and thoughts. They should be able to answer questions like you. They will make decisions on your behalf after you pass. Because of that, you want to ensure their answers align with yours. 

After personal preferences, you should look at professional qualities. Is your pick for an executor on time? Can they handle scheduling and sticking to schedules? Do they work well on their own, or do they need prompting? Are they capable of taking the helm on large projects? Are they organized? These traits will benefit any executor. Having them can make the estate process go well. 

The importance of an open schedule 

Also, try to go for someone with an open schedule. Probate is a process that may go on for over a year. Your executor will need to have an open schedule. This way, they can prioritize handling your estate affairs. Because of that, you may want to avoid anyone who is planning on: 

  • Starting a new business 
  • Starting a new family 
  • Moving to another location 

Once you find someone who fits, you can work things out with them one on one. 


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