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Ways to help aging parents deal with memory loss

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Elder Law |

Memory loss is something that often comes with growing older. Unfortunately, there is often not much that doctors can do to reverse this phenomenon. Therefore, the goal for most adult children should be to help their parents remain as comfortable as possible.

Some signs of dementia include asking similar questions over and over again, frequently losing or misplacing items, and drawing a blank while having an ordinary conversation. Here are some ways to help aging parents deal with memory loss.

Be a support system

Let your aging parent know that you are there if they need help with any tasks around the house, such as cooking, balancing a checkbook, or doing laundry. People are often reluctant to allow others to help them, as they see it as a sign that they are losing their independence. However, being supportive in a non-judgmental way can help people feel comfortable in asking for assistance.

Be patient

People who are experiencing memory loss sometimes forget common words or tell the same story repeatedly. Remember that this is not done on purpose or to annoy you, and being respectful and patient goes a long way towards maintaining your relationship.

Encourage familiar activities

People with dementia often take comfort in the familiar. Avoid activities such as traveling to new places and meeting large groups of new people. Stick to visiting places that the aging person is familiar with.

Knowing how to support an aging parent who is experiencing memory loss will help keep them comfortable in their golden years.


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