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Class action lawsuit targets administrative delays

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Special Education Law |

There are plenty of hurdles for parents and children in the education system. For those parents supporting their special needs children, those hurdles increase.

When it comes to securing the education of a child, parents will do what they must. If a school district fails to deliver on its promises, parents may band together to seek a resolution.

Families lining up

According to, nearly 15,000 families could claim their children have suffered harm over the years due to administrative delays. As the investigation continues, it seems that budget allocation does not provide for enough judges to hear the cases—despite the federal requirement to resolve cases involving special education students within 45 days, not counting adjournments.

Many parents may have the right to declare a lawsuit when it comes to seeking justice for their children. The average case resolution was 212 days. Some families waited more than nine months for the courts to hold hearings.

Flawed systems stacking up problems

Many consider the state systems flawed when it comes to helping educate special needs children. When a state program fails its students, it is up to the parents to call for action. When parents of special needs children face difficulty when it comes to accessing educational services, there are resources available to help.

Those parents looking to provide their special needs children with an education have a lot ahead of them, especially when external factors complicate things. When it comes to securing that fairness and education, it is important for families to communicate and lean on their resources in order to formulate the best defense.


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