At The Forefront Of Disability And Elder Law

The Guidance You Need To Make The Best Decisions

Making decisions about the end of your life or your relative’s life is never easy. However, addressing these issues now can save you a lot of strife and stress down the road. When you make these decisions, a compassionate and experienced attorney can help you make the choices that are best for you and your family.

For decades, Brothers & Henderson, P.S., has provided individuals and families in Washington state with the guidance to make decisions regarding elder law. Elder law encompasses most of our law firm’s practice areas, including:

  • Planning for Medicaid and/or Medicare eligibility
  • Establishing and administering guardianships
  • Powers of attorney
  • Establishing and administering trusts, including special needs trusts
  • Planning for long-term care
  • End-of-life decision-making
  • Acting to protect vulnerable adults
  • Additional legal matters facing aging adults and their relatives

In addition to our professional experience, many of our lawyers have personal experience with these issues. We use this experience to help clients create strategies and assist them to maintain their dignity, personal choices and quality of life.

Providing Full Service In Elder Law

Because Brothers & Henderson, P.S., is a full-service law firm, we strive to provide every legal tool you need when it comes to elder law. In most cases, you will not have to consult multiple attorneys or law firms to resolve your issue: our office is your one-stop shop. We practice both planning and litigation, so we can represent you in court proceedings if necessary.

Elder Law Leaders In Washington State

We are proud to be the premier law firm for elder law in Washington state. In addition to practicing law, we devote our time to serving our community’s aging and disabled communities. Our staff members volunteer, serve on various boards, and speak at educational engagements on elder law. Serving the elderly throughout our state is the highest honor, and we would be honored to assist you, too.

Get Guidance In Elder Law

To discuss elder law needs for yourself or one of your relatives, contact Brothers & Henderson, P.S. We are happy to discuss your concerns. Call our office at 206-536-2446complete our intake form or email [email protected].




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