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Guardianship is a court process in which a guardian is appointed for an individual who cannot manage his or her personal or financial affairs.

At Brothers & Henderson, P.S., we represent individuals seeking guardianship, individuals with an interest in a guardianship proceeding initiated by another person, individuals subject to a proposed guardianship, and individuals who may oppose a guardianship.

What Types Of Guardianships Are There?

Every guardianship should be to the specific needs of the individual. Guardianship options include:

  • Full guardianship of the person and estate, where broad authority is granted to the guardian
  • Limited guardianship of the person or estate, where only specific authorities are granted to the guardian.

The court evaluates whether a less restrictive alternative to guardianship exists based on the “best interests” of the individual. Examples of a less restrictive alternative to guardianship include:

  • A financial and/or medical power of attorney
  • The appointment of a representative payee to receive and manage government benefits
  • The creation of a trust with specialized provisions to protect the individual

In new guardianship cases, a guardian ad litem (GAL) is appointed  to investigate and recommend whether a guardian is necessary and, if so, the extent and type of the guardianship. The GAL is required to file a report to the court with his or her recommendations. We have worked on thousands of guardianships around the state and are familiar with many of the GALs who serve in this capacity.

We Are A Full-Service Law Firm For Guardianships

Guardians must report regularly to the court on the status of the individual subject to guardianship and the activity of the guardianship estate. Our office regularly represents clients in preparing, filing, and presenting these reports. We can assist clients with every aspect of managing guardianships, especially when a guardianship intersects with other legal fields like the protection of vulnerable adults, estate planning, and benefits coordination.

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If it is necessary to obtain a guardianship over a loved one, that step is never easy.  The caring attorneys at Brothers & Henderson, P.S., can help you explore your options and take any appropriate action compassionately. Schedule an initial consultation at our Seattle office to discuss your options. Call 206-536-2446fill out an online intake form or email [email protected].


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