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Over 30 Years Of Experience Working With Plaintiff’s Counsel In Washington State And Nationally

At Brothers & Henderson, P.S., our lawyers have over three decades of experience working directly with plaintiff’s attorneys and their clients. Our firm is recognized throughout Washington state and across the country for providing top-tier advice and representation. Whether the case involves a small automobile collision, a multi-million dollar medical malpractice recovery, a complex wrongful death claim, or a mass tort or class action, we provide knowledgeable and reliable advice, so plaintiff’s attorneys have peace of mind in knowing that their clients are being taken care of.

We regularly assist other attorneys and law firms with:

  • Plaintiff benefit eligibility: Injured plaintiffs may be eligible for local, state, or federal public benefit programs to provide the plaintiff with care during and after the litigation process. Planning and coordination may be necessary to avoid negative impacts on eligibility for such benefits by outright receipt of settlement or judgment proceeds. Our services may include consultations on public benefits, the development of special needs trusts, and developing “spend down” plans, in order to preserve eligibility or minimize the impact of a recovery.
  • Subrogation/lien resolution: Reimbursement may be required from the proceeds of litigation or settlements for injury-related expenses paid on behalf of the injured person. Review and negotiation of such claims should take place before payment of the claim. We frequently assist in this process to maximize the proceeds available to the plaintiff. We have experience negotiating claims from Medicaid, Medicare, ERISA Plans, Non-ERISA Plans, and the Department of Labor & Industries.
  • Financial management of litigation or settlement proceeds, trusts: Various devices are available, and in many circumstances required, for the financial management of litigation and settlement proceeds. Our services include the development and review of the implementation of such devices to fit the specific needs of the plaintiff.
  • Guardian ad Litem. Our attorneys regularly serve as litigation, settlement, and probate guardians ad litem for minor or incapacitated litigants.
  • Clients with Diminished Capacity. Numerous ethical considerations arise when representing a client with diminished capacity. We regularly advise other attorneys on such ethical issues. If a plaintiff lacks capacity, we may assist in taking protective actions, such as putting a representative in place through a guardianship or power of attorney.
  • Probate Administration. The proper administration of a probate is one of the most commonly overlooked issues in wrongful death and survivorship claims. Mistakes in the probate can have dire consequences for the parties as well as a plaintiff’s attorney. We are available to assist in establishing probates, appointing personal representatives, and administering probates. Under the right circumstances we may also serve as the personal representative.
  • Wrongful Death and Survivorship Claim Apportionment. Wrongful death and survivorship claims often result in a global recovery for multiple plaintiffs. How those funds are apportioned will impact each of the plaintiffs and determine what funds are available to lien holders. Washington State has relatively robust statutes and case law regarding apportionment. However, the process of apportionment is rife with potential conflicts and ethical issues. We regularly assist in ensuring the proper apportionment of such claims.

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Brothers & Henderson, P.S., has earned a reputation as a strong, successful and knowledgeable consultant in settlement and litigation. We have worked with numerous law firms in the Seattle metro area and throughout Washington and the United States.

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